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RTCM Graduate Student Testimonies

Read and listen to the stories of the men whose lives have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Frank Gaston - March 2020

"I was born into addiction. My biological mother was an IV heroin and cocaine user while pregnant. My dad struggled with alcoholism, which resulted in me going into foster care. He died when I was 15 from xerosis of the liver, which is when I spiraled out of control. I took drugs and alcohol full steam—running the streets, using, selling, fighting, gangs, stealing, etc. My trauma and hurts kept me in addiction and full of anger and pain. I found Christ last year in Lancaster County Prison, and shortly after, Restart. Since then, I have started to repair my marriage, my relationship with my daughter, and also myself. I now have the desire, tools, and opportunity to live a life with Christ. I want to thank the ENTIRE staff at Restart and all those connected for all the help and love I got. Thank you and thank God."

Mike Gilmore Jr - February 2020

"My substance abuse started in my freshman year of high school and followed me all the way into my adult life. I would have long periods of being sober but would always return to it. I was married to my beautiful wife Becca in 2004 and feel like I tricked her because she really wasn’t aware of my issues. I dealt with having a severely handicapped child by staying away from the house more and going to the bars. I started isolating myself from my wife and frequently watched pornography. Through all that, my wife continued to love and pray for me. In 2019 I got into some legal troubles which eventually led me to Restart. I surrendered my life to God. I now know that it was God that was missing in my life and I can’t stop my addictions on my own. Through reading the Bible and prayer I feel like God has given me victory over my addictions, but I know it’s a constant battle. The only way to maintain victory is to stay connected to God and continue doing what I’ve learned here at Restart." You can listen to Mike's full testimony HERE.

Bryan Santiago - February 2020

"At the age of 20, I met Luz bell, the mother of my son. Our relationship was great for the first couple of years. I saw my father in myself when I started having inappropriate relationships with other females and even hit Luz bell. At the age of 23, when my son was born I promised myself I wouldn’t be like my father. I did good for a while but then fell into the same old habits, got my first DUI, lost my job, and then Luz bell broke up with me. I drank so much that I got arrested and charged with my second DUI when I crashed my stepdad’s truck. I knew drinking wouldn’t get my family back...I came to Restart on July 14th of 2019 and gave up trying to fix myself. On September 26, 2019, I gave my life to Christ and I asked for forgiveness. On October 27, 2019, I got baptized; the old me is dead and the new me has risen. I started to love everyone like Jesus wants us to. Living by faith is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I don’t live in fear, anger, and frustration. Instead, I am quick to listen and slow to speak. Pastor Jaime, I thank God and you for changing my life." You can listen to Bryan's full testimony HERE.

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